Do you like playing with your child? I always thought I’d be great at it and when Moses was a baby I found it easy. Recently I noticed the resistances I had. Such as:

  • Not now
  • I’ve got to do x/y/z before I can play
  • I’m not good at playing
  • I don’t feel like it
  • Why can’t he just play on his own?

A recurring theme in my personal development work is discovering how I can invite more play into my life because I know how much I benefit from having fun and not being too serious. I think of activities that are fun and I schedule them in.

This week I started reading Playful Parenting by Lawerence J. Cohen and it dawned on me that right here was an amazing human being aka my three year old son, who knew instinctively how to play. Here was my teacher. And so I began, without overthinking it; to play. And it’s been so easy because I do what feels right not what I think I should be doing. I tell stories and act out all the parts and we both giggle.  (ex-drama student over here) And there is no planning or scheduling involved. The benefits children gain from play have been well documented. Sometimes children do need and want to play on their own and sometimes they need to play with a parent. For example they might need to work through some difficult emotions which a parent can support them with through play.

And the benefits for me? It’s been a complete game changer. Turns out I love playing, I’d just forgotten. I feel energised, in the moment but mainly it feels so good to be really silly and make an arse of myself. So this week I”m celebrating three things:

  • my new found love of playing
  • the fact that I’ve learnt it from Moses
  • that it’s been so effortless

We all parent in our own way and we all play in our own way. I really encourage you, if you’re not doing it already to give your inner child permission to take centre stage and start playing with your child. And of course, let me know how it goes.