The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

Carl Jung

The last few weeks have been full of changes as I have moved house, which is an interesting experience with an energetic toddler at your side. And yes I’m using the Marie Kondo method! Meaning I’m discarding anything that doesn’t bring me joy so no more holding onto things just for the sake if it. It’s amazing just how much stuff I’ve accumulated. And you know what a lot of it is? Journals I’ve kept! I love self development work and I have completed some wonderful courses in lots of different modalities. Through it all, journaling has been a constant.

I had a thought while I was clearing through all my journals, photos and sentimental items. Like everyone there have been so many changes in my life, different houses, relationships and experiences. Reading those journals I realised how painful some of those transitions have been for me and how sometimes I have been so tough on myself to just push through it and not express how I’m really feeling and what I need. The other thing that struck me was how lucky I am to have been so loved in my life. Did I really appreciate it at the time or was I caught up in feeling angry because maybe that person wasn’t supporting me in exactly the way I wanted at that time? Or perhaps I didn’t have the tools to communicate clearly?

What would it have been like if I could have held myself in self compassion during those times of change. If I could have been curious and been able to ask myself: Anna what do you really need right now? What are you hungry for? What would it have been like to communicate my desires to other people in my life without any drama or blame? And what would it have been like to appreciate and love myself and those people in my life, with the knowledge that we are all only ever doing our best with what we have available at the time?


Whilst clearing through my journals I was reminded of a brilliant practice for you to try. Get a pen and some paper or a journal and set a timer for 5 minutes. Begin each sentence with I appreciate myself for…. Keep doing that for 5 minutes and if it feels tough, dig deep, there are always masses of things that we sometimes struggle to recognise that we can appreciate ourselves for. Believe me, like a gratitude list, this is a simple but life changing practice especially if you commit to doing it every day.

New Course

Giving birth for a woman is like hurtling off a cliff in the dark. Many of us prepare thoroughly for the birth but how many of us prepare for our role as mothers adequately?

In lots of cultures around the world women have a different experience of the post-natal period. Family members move in with the new mother and father and the new mother is not expected to do anything else expect rest, recover and feed her baby.  As we know a woman has gone through a life changing journey, mentally /psychologically she’s different and of course the physical changes that have taken place.

Sadly that is not usually the experience for the majority of new mothers in this country. Trauma from birth, stress and depression, feeling isolated, trying to ‘do it all’, and sleep deprivation do not bode well for a positive start for the new mother, baby and family.

I’ve created a new online training programme for new mothers who have given birth in the last year. What would it be like during this time to gently take yourself by the hand and give yourself the care and compassion you need right now?

What the F*ck?  – Fourth Trimester to First Year

Who am I?

What does it feel like to be me?

What do I want?

What am I hungry for?

When do I feel at home in my body?

What do I believe about myself?

What am I here for?

This six week online training programme is for mothers in the first year after giving birth who are interested in exploring these questions. At the heart of this course is our relationship with ourselves. We’ll be using a series of self-enquiry tools and resources that build our capacity for:

Self compassion

Self care

Self confidence

Self worth

Self awareness

What you get:

– Weekly teaching video with supporting notes

– Live Q&A’s sessions with me twice a week

– Daily home practices to integrate what you’re leaning.

* No longer than 5 minutes a day

– Private Facebook group to share your discoveries and   support each other


Live weekly interviews and Q&As with experts on mental health, movement, nutrition, energy healing and more


The course will launch on Monday 13th May


£111 paid in 1 instalment

£37 paid in 3 instalments

Special offer

Refer a friend and if they sign up you get 20% off

I believe that when we are connected to ourselves we pave the way for more meaningful relationships with others and we are more in integrity with our values and purpose.

If you would like to join the programme or have any questions, concerns and/or would like more information please connect with me on Instagram or email. I am always happy to connect and answer questions.