Empowered Birth Coach And Intuitive Healer


I’m Anna Robertson, Empowered Birth Coach And Intuitive Healer.

I teach women and their birth partners a new approach to giving birth.

Through my intuitive, energetic and mindset work, my clients are able to completely release the energetic blocks that are holding them back, unlock their intuition, get out of their heads and come home to their bodies.

I love birth and I want women to learn how to trust in the power of surrender and how its not about the type of birth you have. There is no hierarchy of birth; every birth is amazing and unique however you do it.

 At the heart of my work with women is the belief that fostering a great relationship with ourselves from the moment we are pregnant, through birth and into motherhood is what’s really fundamental. That, coupled with striving for a positive not perfect birth experience.

 I like how the Positive Birth Movement define a positive birth:

Women are where they want to be

 Choices are informed by reality not fear

Women are listened to and treated with respect and dignity

 Memories are warm and proud

Learn transformative relaxation and visualisation techniques

Be empowered with all the information you need to make the best choices for your birth

Connect with your intuition and inner guidance

Work With Me

Essential Hypnobirthing

Private Course for Women and their Birth Partners

3 Hours 

This course is ideal if you are already committed to an antenatal class, you’ve experienced labour before or you’re on a limited budget.

It’s a great way to get a really thorough understanding of hypnobirthing and how to put into practice to have a really positive birth.

Here’s an outline of what you get but please note I do like to tailor courses for each couple I work with:

Brief physiology of the female body and how it’s designed to give birth

The power and importance of the mind in everything the body does

How to release existing fears around childbirth

Deep relaxation techniques to use in pregnancy and labour to initiate natural pain relief

An overview of using Hypnobirthing knowledge during pregnancy and labour to avoid ‘routine’ use of medical interventions



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 Empowered Birth Training

Private Course for Women and their Birth Partners

6 Hours 

This course is designed to inspire you with all the antenatal information you need to make informed choices. I provide you with a transformational set of tools to use in pregnancy and birth. Giving birth is one of the most empowered things we can do and it is absolutely mind blowing what are bodies are capable of. There is no hierarchy of birth; all birth is amazing! You will be empowered to plan for all birthing eventualities and the tools you learn can be used at any kind of birth. So let’s trash the idea of a perfect birth and concentrate on achieving a calm positive experience however you give birth and start you journey into motherhood on exactly the right note.

Everything is energy and if we want to really release what is holding us back we have to do it at an energetic level. Once we’ve released what we don’t want, then we can realign you with a birth that is not only positive and empowering but that catapults you into feeling your true feminine essence and power.

This course is delivered over 6 hours and split into three sessions:

Session One

Energy Release and Realignment 

2 Hours 

Discover an amazing tool to tune into your intuition which will enable you to get out of your head and into your subconscious field so you can access your inner wisdom and knowing 

Identify specific fears, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are blocking you from having a happy pregnancy and great birth

Release the blocks at an energetic level and get into the flow state

Align yourself energetically with the birth you want

 Discover the affirmations that you really resonate with 

Session Two

Mindset, Hypnobirthing, Breathing and Movement

2 Hours

Learn how are bodies are designed to give birth and the the techniques that really support that process

Get visualisations and guided meditations for an empowering pregnancy

Learn breathing techniques to calm and quiet an overactive mind and explore your relationship with your body and build a loving acceptance and connection to it

Session Three

The Birth

2 Hours

Prepare for all types of births – write birth, caesarean and postnatal plans that really serves you

Develop your ability to assertively ask for what you want

Learn effective questioning and language to ensure you are heard and supported in your wishes

Get critical information on due dates and induction

Learn about natural induction options

Find out about all pain relief options

Discover what’s actually happening in each stage of labour

Get clear on exactly what type of birth you want

Know your rights – get the evidence on based research

Build a solid relationship with your birth partner so they know how they can best support you practically and emotionally

Learn how to nurture a strong relationship and feeling of safety with your caregiver


Copy of the bestselling book The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill

Course handouts to guide your practice

Support from me via Voxer up to the birth



 Option One: 1 payment of £555

Option Two: 2 instalment of £277.50

Option Three: 3 instalment of £185

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 Step Into Your Power Pregnancy Coaching 1:1

Pregnancy can be a deeply nourishing experience and an opportunity for us to  tap into our inner wisdom and discover our truly authentic powerful selves. What’s also true is that we may have deep seated fears about the birth of our child. Sometimes we know where the fear comes from and sometimes we don’t. Either way, they make us question and doubt our ability to give birth. We can feel paralysed by the fear. I coach women 1:1 who have already worked with me on the Empowered Birth Training and with those who haven’t. Either way and wherever you are on your pregnancy journey, sometimes a bit of extra support 1:1 can be really beneficial. I work with women who experience some of the following:

Feeling stuck in their heads and a pattern of overthinking and anxiety

 Unable to connect with their body and it’s innate wisdom

 Traumatised by a previous birth

Inability to relax

 Unsure how to use their voice and ask for what they want

Specific fears which are affecting their ability to trust the process

Step Into Your Power Postnatal Coaching 1:1

I believe the journey to becoming a mother can be an invitation to begin an exciting new journey with ourselves. When are are connected and present with ourselves, we pave the way for more meaningful relationships with others, a greater sense of belonging and living in integrity with our values and purpose. In order to facilitate this exploration, I hold space for women to explore some of the following questions:

Who am I ?

How does it feel to be me?

What do I want?

What am I hungry for?

When do I feel at home in my body?

What do I believe about myself?

Do I belong?


Energy release work to align you with what you want and get you in flow

Personalised MP3 recordings

Personalised self-enquiry home practice exercises

Support from me via Voxer for the duration of the time we work together

Course handouts to guide your practice


Option One: 1 x 60 min session – £60

Option Two: 6 X 60 min sessions – £300

(paid in 1 or 2 instalments) In person or Online

Payment by Paypal

“I just wanted to say thanks for meeting with us and doing such an amazing Hypnobirthing session. The way you delivered the material was accessible, interesting and empowering… Your self-possession as a teacher and authority of the material was very assuring. Thanks so much.”

Jodie and Anthony

“During my pregnancy, I had built up a negative image of induction of labour, and had wanted to avoid this if possible. I had initially felt anxious when I was told by the medical team that I needed to have an induction… Although this wasn’t my ‘Plan A’, I found that what I had learnt during my hypnobirthing practice was really helpful for the induction process…I felt more able to sleep and relax on the ward and it helped me to try not to focus on the formal hospital induction process. Hypnobirthing was also extremely beneficial in terms of giving a role to my husband Phil, who was an amazing birth partner and supported me through the more challenging aspects of the birth using the hypnobirth techniques we practised.”

Emily and Phil

“I just wanted to let you know that our baby was born last week….a little girl. The birth was really straightforward and my hypnobirthing breathing really saw me through, I felt so in control the whole time and was so relaxed between surges I was almost falling asleep. Thank you so much for all your help and support in the build up, I found it invaluable and it made the whole birth experience so positive and something we will never forget.”

Jenny and Al

“Anna was very accommodating at arranging sessions at short notice. She has a very friendly and relaxed style and is obviously very passionate about the value of hypnobirthing. The sessions helped me to feel much more prepared for labour and to focus on having a positive mindset.

Charlotte and Peter

“Anna gave us the confidence to be excited about the birth of our first baby, rather than scared and intimidated. She’s a very organised and dedicated teacher and we felt we could really open up to her. Thanks to her we felt like we were entering into labour as a team with all the information and tools we needed. We had the most wonderful birth experience thanks to hypnobirthing. No pain relief or interventions were needed at any point. It was the most magical night of our lives. The exercises Alice learnt, and the positivity and confidence we took in to the labour, were absolutely invaluable. We’re now loving getting to know him and our new routines, and feel we’re so lucky to have given him such a happy start.”

Alice and Jack

“Anna is a very well informed, sensitive and wonderful hypnobirthing teacher”

Shobi and Fabio

“We wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support this year helping us prepare for his arrival. We wholeheartedly believe that our hypnobirthing enabled us to have a positive and amazing labour and birth…we went into hospital after midnight and things progressed a lot quicker than we expected. Ross created a lovely environment in the labour room with low lighting, tea lights and playing our hypnobirthing music. The midwives were very supportive and calm throughout. I did decide to use gas and air but delivered him without any other pain relief and I feel really proud of myself! Thanks again for everything – we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Monica and Ross


Hello. I'm Anna Robertson and I'm on a mission to help women get out of their heads and into their bodies and intuition. I work to inspire women who are either pregnant or in the postnatal period to see this unique time as an invitation to reclaim their authentic power and step up to really live their truth. I believe that the process of pregnancy and birth are a gift for us to learn how to trust ourselves and the wisdom within us.

Over the last 20 years I have been on a personal development journey and during that time I have gained some invaluable tools which have helped me to understand myself and my purpose for being here.

Before I had my son in 2016, despite all the learning, I still lacked a true connection to myself. One thing I knew for sure was that I had a deep desire to have a child. When I got pregnant I realised I was terrified of giving birth. I took hypnobirthing classes and practised diligently throughout my pregnancy. When my labour started I couldn't believe what was happening. My body was in control. My body was doing exactly what it knew how to do. Because I had got my mind out the way. I'd reprogrammed my mind; got rid of all the beliefs, stories and patterns that had created so much fear. I felt strong and triumphant giving birth and it was a profound turning point for me personally and professionally.

I decided not to return to my job and I trained a few months later as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher, keen to help as many other women as I could to discover the joy of having a calm positive birth.

I am based in London where I teach women and their birth partners my Empowered Birth Training which encompasses all the amazing aspects of hypnobirthing that I love, plus the hugely effective energy work I offer and a whole lot more magic to support women and their birth partners.

My Step Into Your Power Pregnancy and Postnatal Coaching are an opportunity to work with me 1:1 in person or online.

 When I'm not teaching, you'll find me getting out of my head; having fun with my family, getting out in nature and dancing.


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