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I know what it’s like to feel like there is something wrong with you sexually. To feel like a failure in bed when it seems like everyone around you is having multi-orgasms! 

For a long time, the only way I could orgasm was with a vibrator. I loved sex but when it came to orgasm, I just couldn’t do it without a vibrator. I’m the first to say that there is no shame at all in using a vibrator but I knew that there was a whole world of pleasure and orgasm that my body was capable of that I hadn’t yet been able to access. 

I searched and searched for answers and began this wonderful journey that has led me to be more orgasmic than I ever knew was possible! 

I learnt practices that taught me how to really be in my body and out of my head which was huge for me! 

I worked with and healed the trauma I was carrying in my body.

I felt emotions that had previously felt debilitating. In fact, I now eat shame for breakfast.

I discovered a high level of sensation and pleasure that I can now access whenever I want. I see my orgasm as an infinite resource. My pleasure is not limited to one area of my anatomy, in fact, I know every part of me has the potential to be orgasmic and I know orgasm doesn’t always require any touch at all.

And I learnt how to transform deeply embedded feelings of unworthiness into beautiful self-love that I never would have dreamed was possible for me.

What I also discovered in the process, was something so monumental that it has become my purpose in life to facilitate this awakening in other women.

And what is this awakening? It is awakening our life force. And what is this life force? It is our feminine energy. It is everything we need to feel alive, vulnerable, in flow, grace, loving, and deeply radiant. 

I completed my training with Layla Martin last year as a sex coach and now I’m ready to share the biggest secret of all with you – becoming deeply orgasmic is so EASY!!

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Orgasms Come Easy

4 Weeks to Activate your Orgasm & Connect to your Feminine Power

So many women struggle with orgasm. It might be that they can only do it with a vibrator, they can only have one kind of orgasm and they want to learn how to orgasm in other ways, or it’s just really hard and it takes loads of effort. Or maybe it’s something else altogether.

I know what it is like to really struggle with orgasm. I know how you feel. And I know I can transform you into an orgasmic goddess. I know from my own experiences, the practices that work.

The best part is, you’ll discover there never was anything wrong with you in the first place.

In fact, I‘ll teach you that the more you can embody and integrate all parts of yourself and connect with your beautiful original essence, you’ll discover more and more pleasure.

I have created an intensive four-week programme for women who want to transform their orgasmic struggle into ease and pleasure.

We are all completely unique and I offer unique approaches to awakening and healing sexuality. I am a trauma-informed coach and I pride myself on creating a warm, loving space for you to work with your unique challenges. I celebrate the knowledge, learning, and wisdom you will bring and I see my role as always to bring you back to your own inner knowing. I am confident you always know what’s best for you.

  1. Ditch feeling like a sexual failure and having feelings of unworthiness about your sexuality
  2. Reclaim the immense sensation available in your pussy and your whole body 
  3. Understand how orgasm actually works
  4. Activate your sexual energy 
  5. Learn practices to grow and cultivate your sexual energy so it is always available for you to access 
  6. Develop the capacity to orgasm from your cervix, g-spot, breasts and have energy orgasms 
  7. Release trauma from this lifetime, past lives, ancestral lines 
  8. Grow a new positive life affirming empowering sexual identity
  9. Learn how to be with and integrate difficult feelings like shame so that they no longer run the show
  10. Create a sustainable, nourishing, self love

The methodology combines the deep wisdom of Tantra with scientifically validated methods for transformation. 

My method is a powerful combination of holistic, somatic tools including:

  • breathwork
  • pleasure practices
  • trauma healing
  • meditative practices
  • energy work
  • shadow work
  • embodiment
  • sounding 
  • movement
  • inner child practices
  • jade egg

I am offering  4 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions over 4 weeks. 

Yes! I will be available by email and phone between sessions whenever you need support.


Payment plans are available. 

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